Support for Doctors

At a certain point in a patient’s treatment, you realize that prognosis is terminal, within six months. Curative treatment is no longer effective, and extending a patient’s life is of minimal benefit.

Further treatment will be palliative care – seeing to the patient’s comfort to improve his quality of life.

At The Community Hospice, we have board-certified physicians in palliative and hospice care -- specialists in pain management and symptom treatment, and experienced in working with hospice patients and their families.

We’re one of the nation’s largest hospice organizations, and we have every resource to help you, from treatment options to consulting about how to deal with a family or patient.

Even though your patient is on our Hospice program, you are still the lead physician. Your patient is still your patient. The medical decisions are still yours. Our medical directors are on-call consulting physicians to make sure you have access to every option available.

We’re here to work with you to provide quality end-of-life care for our mutual patient.