Crisis Grief Counseling

Over the decades, we have developed a top team of specialists who can help people cope with the grief of losing a loved one.

And we can make that team available for any number of losses. Schools sometimes lose a student under tragic circumstances, or workplaces suffer an unexpected loss.

When that happens, Community Hospice can dispatch its team to lead group and personal grieving sessions. People can share their feelings, learn coping mechanisms and get a head start on the emotional recovery they need.

Please call us for more information at 518-724-0200

Grief Counseling - Family or Individual Sessions

The Community Hospice provides information and support to facilitate successful transitions through the grief process. Typically our counselors provide one to six sessions per client, and then often refer to one of our support groups

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  • Grief counseling is available for individuals of any age, or families, and is free of charge.